Crafting products to accentuate design thinking and prototyping


born and raised in Taipei TW.  Living happliy in Chicago, IL.


Motorola Mobility

Warner Brothers
Coca Cola
Mohawk flooring
Pulte Homes
Huge Café
City of Atlanta
Eva Airlines
Eslite bookstores

I am a Taiwanese designer working at Gladly. Currently I’m living in and loving the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.

In groups, I am a reliable and energetic team asset who strives for the success of each project and loves challenges. As a designer, I always bring to the table refined skills and a positive attitude. Throughout every project, I am absolutely devoted to creating usable, friendly and high performing product experiences. I believe user centered design is at the product’s core and my work functions as a bridge between stakeholders. Waiting for something to happen on its own is not my work style.

I prefer action that wins the trust of work partners via design and communication skills. I feel that in order to be a creative person one must own a problem — as in, I will take responsibility and do whatever it takes to achieve a solution.

My resume is available here.